When my heart broke into a million pieces

Just in the beginning of August when all of us were on a short break from home and visiting my parents in Downtown, our 2nd baby (well he is a toddler now) fell into a sudden accident. 

My parents old fashioned Sony Tv which weighs around 100-120 ibs just randomly fell on my son while he was playing around it. Praise to Allah my dad was standind right beside him and he was able to protect him from the fall a little bit. But the tv still fell on him half way and managed to fracture his soft, tiny foot. 

It was not the greatest sight for a mother. I was also holding our 10 month old baby at the time and it all happened in such a split second! I was totally unable to run to him or even lift the tv. Luckily and again All Praise to Allah that my husband was present. He was having his tea on the dining table just 4 feet away. My husband literally dropped his tea and ran, like a superman he lifted the whole tv and rescued Sulaiman out of there. 

My poor baby was helplessly laying there facing down, shocked and speechless. He cried 5 minutes later it all happened. For a 2 year old it was still not obvious what happened. How it happened. He was hurt but he was not reacting to it. 

Which made us believe he was not injured. But just 20 minutes later when we tried to make him walk, he could not. He screamed in pain and refused to stand. That is when we rushed him to the Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto and our doubts were correct. His tibia was fractured and he got a cast that would be on him for at least 3 weeks.

It was hard to keep him from scratching and poking his leg through the opening of the cast first 2 days. By 3rd day he was used to it and kinda accepted it as a “Dinosaur Leg” part of his body. We bought him stickers and put socks over it so he can play with it on ! Lots of Vitamin C and Calcium. Rest. Then offcourse Prayers. 

With the will of Allah, he healed much faster. Within his 10 day appointment with the Orthopedic Specialist his fracture was healed. They were quite surprised too!

This whole incident was such a Huge Wake Up Call for me as a mom. It hit me hard..my heart fell into pieces when i witnessed my baby getting smashed under a huge Tv and i was so close yet to helpless..i could not protect him from getting hurt…he was hurt in a blink of an eye in the strangest way possible. Noone knew that Tv was going to fall ? It never fell in the last 15 years of its existence either. 

Anything can happen any time…life is precious yet fragile. 


Until next time 



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    Umme Hafsa
    November 2, 2016 at 8:00 pm

    Oh my… this is heartbreaking ? May Allah grant him a complete recovery, I hope he’s feeling much better inshaAllah x

    • Reply
      December 28, 2016 at 2:29 am

      jazakallah so much. Alhamdulillah he recovered within 10 days 🙂

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