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How to manage your time with Kids!

Time Management with Kids can be tough.

Especially if you are a stay at home mom with kids.

Managing time is essential for every mom. It allows us to handle the daily tasks like a BOSS!

After my last post on SELF CARE was published, I received several messages from friends and fans to write a post on Time Management for Moms.

With Ramadan coming up, everyone is either worried or stressed about how to manage their days with kids and still fast.

I have asked one of UMMI MOMMY BLOG‘s contributor writers to cover this topic for this week.

Stay tuned for more posts on the same Topic in the coming days!



Authored by Rooshna B.M


I remember when Wise Man- my second child- was little and I was struggling with doing various things together. I was trying to do everything at once and the hours during the day seemed far too less. I felt burnt out at the end of the day, knowing that I was trying to run against time.

After Darling- my third child- was born last year, my responsibilities doubled up. Feeding, cleaning, sending kids to school, making them study at home, cooking, nursing, washing and everything is on repeat mode, of course. It was getting excruciatingly difficult for me to move ahead. I realized I needed a plan or at least a rough idea to not only get things done but also do things that make my life feel fulfilling and productive. 

I thought about how I’d like my ideal day to go. I made myself visualize it. This led me to prioritize what is close to my heart. For me, an ideal day does not include wearing stylish outfits and makeup or spending my days at the mall or whiling away my time gossiping.

What I really want is to lead a life that includes:

1. Taking care of my family by being happy and also keeping them happy.

2. Things I don’t get around to doing much but would love to. That includes reading more Quran, Tafseer, and stories of our Prophets. Praying sunnah and Nafl (non-obligatory prayers)

3. Writing more about motivational and religious reflections.

4. Spending more time with children. Having fun and taking them out.

5. Taking care of my health.

Once I got these things sorted in my mind, I knew I had to now act on them. That meant that I had to be okay with the house being messy if not unclean. I just HAD to stop yelling at children for not keeping their toys, clothes, stationary in their proper places after use. This also meant that I had to let go of the idea of a squeaky clean house. When kids are around, this becomes a far-fetched dream. I made myself think everything realistically. And the first step towards it all was to regularize my Fajr prayers.

1. Mornings are the best time to be your most productive. What better way to start your day with than praying Fajr. I feel a sense of calm after my prayers and I believe I can think and do so much more. This is the time I finish up most of my content designing and responding to emails. I’ve also started writing blogs so I try catching up on that too.

2. I prepare and store certain things that are time-consuming, such as roasted peanut powder, ginger garlic paste, homemade paneer, marinating meat and eve before I intend to cook the next day, preparing Darling’s meal and storing in the fridge (I feed him twice or thrice from it during the day). This saves up on much of my time and increases efficiency during actual meal preparation.

3. Also, I make sure to sleep well. I catch up on naps when Darling sleeps in the noon.
This ensures I don’t feel drained by the time it’s Maghreb. (Evening prayers)

4. I spend around 2 hours each day (except weekends/when kids have off the next day) with children’s studies. Since its difficult handling all three together, I ask them to sit with me in turns. The one who isn’t studying plays with Darling for the while.

5. Having decided to spend less time watching TV and more time reading, baking, praying and spending with children has made my grip on time-management stronger.

There are days, of course, when things go awry and I am left disoriented. But, as my goals are set, I try springing back and follow them conscientiously. This way, I feel I’m not just mindlessly filling my days with activities but also receiving contentment and happiness by the end of the day. As mommies, we are tied up with so many things to do but if we just sort out what we really want from what we are conditioned to perform, goals become clearer even if that means letting go of certain conventions and patterns.



Rooshna is a doting wife and a mum of three, she writes to articulate, vent and  connect.

Please visit her Blog right here!