Potty Training Mission has Begun – Product Review for Potty Cover



I have just recently started Potty Training my 2 year old son.

Yes, it may seem early to many.But I saw the cues of readiness

in him and decided to give it a chance.

He is a 2 year old who still cannot speak clearly but he can tell me when he does “PEE PEE” and “POOPOO”.

And the sooner I get him to understand he can do his PEEPEE and POOPOO in the toilet,

the sooner I can keep those diapers off!

That means MONEY SAVING! Hubby will surely like that LOL

SO far it has been OKAY. Just Okay because, sometimes he told me after he has already done his Job. Or sometimes

he would just joke and say PEEPEE because he wants to play with the toilet bowl water. YIKES.

But I am not giving up. I have decided to take him at least three times a day for now to get him used to the idea.

I will keep you all updated about the progress for sure!



How Cool is the Idea of a Colorful Disposable Toilet Cover to keep those nasty germs away from your Potty Trainee?

So I have recently been sent a Packet of “Potty Cover” from Potty Cover company www.PottyCover.com

Although I don’t really use the Toilet just like that for my 2 year old because he has a tiny tush, offcourse. He falls right in there!

But I was intrigued by the idea of covering the seat so his tiny hands are safe from touching the seat. And prevents clean up if there is any mess.

You can head over to their Website to learn more about the company.


Here is what I LIKED:

  • Safe from touching germs 

  • Made from Fabric. It’s soft.

  • Comes in a ziploc bag, and they are individually wrapped. 

  • I kinda like the Polka Dots. (Not that it matters because my kid did not really care for the cover being there. I did!)

  • It’s very convenient for a mom on the go to just stop by a public washroom.

Here is what I DID NOT  LIKE:

  • It slides off easily when the child moves.

  • I would like it to stay put. But, this is my personal wish. Every toilet cover will slide off unless it’s made from silicone!

  • It is long from the front but should be longer from the sides. So all sides are fully covered.





That is all for tonight.

Have a wonderful Friday!


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