From Burnout to Bliss, a self help book by Nobera Chowdhury and Nazima Qureshi. Review

If you are a follower of my blog you would know that I am a big advocate of self care. I have written post related to self care in the past. Here is the post if you want to bookmark for later!

Self care is very dear to my heart. I often need to step away from my everyday life stress to do something that makes my heart happy. I need that time to myself so I can unwind and distress. Self care to me means that I have to tend to myself before anyone whenever possible. So that I can be a better person, a better mom. Be a person who is in control of herself, and can tackle the challenges of the “life with kids”.

But, being a mom of three kids and busy homeschooler; part time photographer, planner, cleaner, nurse, chef and etc… it is not always possible.

I find that constant reminder is necessary to find that balance in between. That is when I decided accept the review offer to the ebook “From burnout to Bliss” by Nobera Chowdhury and Nazima Qureshi.

Let me give you a brief introduction on the two authors of this ebook. Nobera Chowdhury is a counselor and life coach who assists muslim women. She has worked with hundreds of women the world for over 9 years. Her goal is to support women manage their stress anger anxiety and feelings of depression.

Co-author Nazima Qureshi is a registered dietician nutritionist and Muslimah nutritionist expert. Nazima’s passion is to help Muslim women live healthier lives. Her philosophy is to live a healthy lifestyle that includes enjoying all foods as well as enjoying being Physically Active. She uses a non-diet approach always includes dessert!

Now off to my short review on “Burnout to Bliss“.

After reading that ebook I felt a breath of fresh air. It felt understood and cared for. I felt connected to my heart and recharged.

This is not just a self-help book but it is also a self-help workbook which collects your thoughts. The book comes with sections where you get to write down what you are going to do to implement the tips your life.

The E-book is 70 pages long with a detailed table of contents. Very easy to understand and has “Zero Fluff”. It is a practical yet heart warming read!

In the beginning of the book the authors tell you a little bit of their own life stories. I found that helpful because knowing more about the inspiring women who wrote it helped me understand where they come from and how we are all not very dofferent but still unique in our own ways.

Some of the things that this ebook will teach you are:

1. How to put yourself first and how. Why you need to put yourself first so you can bring sunshine to your surrounding.

2. To have empathy towards yourself.

3. Let go of the mom guilt and embrace yourself with kindness from yourself. Be a great example for your kids. Tackle your kids with confidence from within.

4. Know your cheerleaders. How you can build your tribe and you community.

5. Seek help from others without the feeling of guilt. Husbands especially. Tips to comminicate with your spouse in a positive manner.

6. How to make use of your time and track your schedule more efficiently.

7. Overcome the fear of change.

8. How to take action so you can apply those changes.

9. How to start loving your body today.

10. Transform your lifestyle into a healthy lifestyle.

11. Setting a healthy eating goal that is easily achievable.

12. Being is not boring or difficult.

13. Lota of amazing healthy recipes by author and nutrionist Nazima.

14. Fitness and healthy eating goal setting for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

15. To make Fitness fun and to make a fitness schedule.

17. Personal stories from other inspirational women to learn from.

18. Last but not least self before you your all to others.

Final verdict

I enjoyed the Ebook a lot. I think having the worksheets to write my thoughts and plans down made me like it more. I am a slacker when it comes to taking actions.

I find that notebooking, journaling or jotting down ideas and plans make everything more effective!

So this ebook definitely promises to lead towards an effective approach! Not to forget the wisdom that comes from the wonderful Authors like Nobera Chowdhury and Nazima Qureshi.

I would reccommend this Ebook to all my friends and family!

If you would like to purchase thie Ebook please follow this LINK.

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