This RAMADAN has been a very Busy, Hectic and tiring Ramadan for me. With 3 kids and two of them being under age 2 1/2, 8 month old who breastfeeds on demand, i felt drained. I felt dizzy, out of breath, dehydrated.

Fasting was not easy and my doctor and elders along with local Sheikh suggested i am excused from Fasting. However, i will have to make up for it before the next Ramadan during the shortest days of the year.

May Allah make it easy for us all mothers. It is a  bittersweet month for me. Bitter because i am not able to take advantage of the full blessings. Sweet because I love Ramadan and  eing able to at least make duah, do dhikr and give charity i am still getting double the rewards.

Now off to our Charity Box.

The last 10 days of Ramadan is the most blessed night of the whole month. It is said that these last 10 night are better than 1000 months.
So as a Muslim and a believer in the faith of Islam we should all take full advantage of these 10 nights with Ibadah (worship), Dhikr (Remembrance of Allah and his Prophet Muhammad SAW *Peace be upon him*, Reading Quran, giving charity, feeding the poor and doing any good deed !

We decided to make a CHARITY BOX especially for these last 10 days and nights. We will be using this box to Donate few Dollars per day. Then collect it all for someone needy.

Giving Sadaqah brings blessings of Allah into our lives. Allah increases our Rizq ( sustainance) , brings Barakah in our Wealth.

Allah subhanahu wa ta’alaa gave us a beautiful promise which is this week’s central ayah:
Verily those who give sadaqah, men and women, and lend Allah a goodly loan, it shall be increased manifold, and theirs shall be an honourable good reward (Paradise. [Quran 57:18].

Teaching our KIDS, the future Ummah of World about giving Sadaqah (Charity) is very important. The future generation requires understanding of the Deen because we live in an ERA of modern technology and gadgets. It is a constant distraction for them. Learning the good ol’ way is no more cherished. It is our duty to teach our kids a way that is attractive to them and keep it creative ! Creativity and hands on learning is visually appealing and fun!

This is how we made our CHARITY BOX


? old recycled or used small Cardboard box
? glue
? beads/sequins/stones etc
? Q tip for easy glue application
? markers and tape

And follow your creativity! Let the kids get their hands dirty and let them make their own box!








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    K.T. Lynn
    June 19, 2017 at 10:32 am

    Salaam alaikum dear!!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful printable. I hope your Ramadan is going well. Eid Mubarak!

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