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How to cut your RAMADAN cooking time in Half

Salam readers. This post will show you how I make my Meals at home Quickly! This Ramadan you can make quick meals with the same recipes you use for regular cooking. You can save your cooking time in half, or even less. Rice cooked in under 10 minutes. Daal (Lentil curry) cooked under 10 minutes. Chicken curry cooked under 10 minutes to Beef curry under20-30 minutes. Oh, did I mention Biryani under 30 minutes too! How about deserts? YES! That’s too! And so much more.

How about deserts? YES! That too can be cooked under a very short time! I have made Cheesecake in mine numerous times and they always came out perfectly.

New York Style Cheesecake

No. I am not a Magician and I do not have a Genie. I only have a super awesome Kitchen Gadget known as the Instant Pot.

What on Earth is an Instant Pot? A Pot that cooks instantly? Well Yes! It’s as simple as that!

Instant Pot is an Electric Pressure Cooker/Slow Cooker/Steamer/Rice Cooker/Yogurt Maker and more. It replaces the need for many other kitchen gadgets by doing the work of 7 Gadgets!

Do not want to read more and just want to know more about Instant Pot?

You can find it on Amazon! USA or CANADA

A great Blog Post on what an Instant Pot is and does for you can be found HERE.

I am not going to get into too many details about the Instant Pot. You can do so by clicking on the links above!

But I will definitely tell you:

Why I love the Instant Pot & how It made a difference in my Busy life with 3 kids

♦ All of my cooking time has been cut in half, or even less.

♦ I can walk away from standing around near the pot because the pot will let me know when food is done!

♦ HANDS-FREE COOKING at most times unless the recipes ask for Sautee or browning. 🙂

♦ Less Mess as there is only one pot to use.

♦ Since cooking time is so short, I can do multiple dishes with ease.

♦ I no longer worry about Dinner/Lunch being late!

♦ I can use the TIMER to cook food while I am out with my kids. (The Timer can be set in a way that the Pot will cook the food for you and turn off before you get home and you can still have warm food when you are home)

♦ Only 1 tablespoon of oil is enough! Very weight loss/weight maintenance friendly.

♦ I can steam vegetables for 3 minutes and serve to my kids!

♦ I can Roast a Chicken in it too!

♦ I can make Cakes in it under 15 minutes. They also taste heavenly. I have always loved steamed cakes as they are super moist every time (Will post a Cheesecake recipe soon)

♦ Have a guest coming over and have no food prepared? Have No fear as the Instant Pot will be your quick kitchen helper.

♦ Fresh Homemade Yogurt and Bone broth in a very short time.

I don’t think I can ever have too many reasons to love my INSTANT POT.

As a Mother of 2 Toddlers and a Homeschooled 2nd grader, I have quite a lot of tasks to fulfill every day.

Cooking for a long time is the last thing I want to do and to be honest I absolutely dread it! I have kids who will throw a ball in the kitchen and it will hit and drop something or a kid who pulls on my legs for attention and often drags me away from the kitchen. I have burnt food many times and forgotten about it.

But after my Instant Pot arrived, I can rest in peace. I can easily prepare the ingredients and throw them in. Put my timer on and walk away.

Instant Pot will BEEP when the food is ready and let the steam out itself unless I use the Quick Release option when I am around.

Investing in the IP has been one of the Best Decisions I have made for myself and my family. I can now relax and enjoy time with my kids at home without having to stress over my cooking session!



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Take a Look at the following images of foods I have cooked in my IP.

I have cooked way more dishes than these but these were the worthy photos to make an appearance on my blog!

Butter Chicken

Mongolian Beef with Quinoa

Chicken Biryani

Chicken Curry

Salmon Fish

Ground Beef and Veggie Pasta Shells

Chia Pudding

New York Style Cheesecake