Welcome to my Blog!


Some things About ME!

  1. I am from Toronto, Canada
  2. I have 3 Kids. All are BOYS!
  3. I am currently Homeschooling my 7-year-old 2nd-grade child while attending to my 2 little toddlers.
  4. My #2 and # 3 kids are only 18 months apart. YES, I HAVE A CRAZY LIFE!
  5. I am an Artist and I love all things Artsy. We love Crafts! And painting!  You will see plenty of Art activities and DIY tutorials on this blog!
  6. I like to offer FREE PRINTABLES (Which I Create off course!) Head over to our “Freebie” section to check out what I am offering now and then.
  7. I am a Natural Living, Holistic Lifestyle Lover. I try to live as naturally as possible. But, I do still give my kids cheerios for snack..at time *sigh*
  8. COFFEE. I LOVE COFFEE. and CHAI (If you follow me on Instagram, you know what I am talking about )
  9. I have a weakness to buying small appliances, baby and kid products and TOYS. I love buying toys for my kids which of course most of the time remain in the toy box because they prefer to play with Utensils and Tools!
  10. I am a Brand Ambassador for an Islamic App called UMMAH STARS
  11. I am also a part time Instagram manager for UMMAH STARS
  12. I work with Brands time to time to do Reviews and Sponsored Posts on my Blog and Social media networks.
  13. I teach at seasonal/occasional Art Workshops for Kids in my locality.
  14. My kids and I love to explore the Nature
  15. My family and I love to travel and we have already explored Malaysia, Qatar, Dubai in the past as well as several cities of the United States!
  16. My next travel destination dream is Morrocco, Turkey, Trinidad and Mexico!
  17. We follow Charlotte Mason Homeschooling method mixed with unschooling!


***Disclaimer: As of 2017, you may see some posts on my blog that are sponsored, paid for a review or has affiliate links. 🙂

Want to collaborate? Send me an Email at <Ummimommy@gmail.com>