16 Ramadan Related Books You Should Read to your Children

16 Ramadan Books to read this year

Islamic Children’s Books are in High Demand and I have got just the right recommendations for you! 

I was lucky to have a grandfather and a family who loved reading books. I grew up with a library

of books surrounding me. Whenever I stepped inside a bookstore, the fresh smell of books drove me crazy.

I wanted them all! But, Islamic Books were not as readily available as they are today.

Children’s Books have become so much more fun to read over the last 2 decades. I wish I had Islamic story

books about the Prophets, the Companions or even Ramadan! I am a big lover of books and I am so amazed and beyond

impressed with the Islamic Books I come across these days.

They are written so well for its’ audience: CHILDREN! They are illustrated beautifully too!

Before every RAMADAN, I select a number of books for my kids to read to.

I make a Decorative Basket with new books inside it. On the first day of Ramadan, we place the basket on our Ramadan Corner Table.


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# 1 It’s Ramadan, Curious George

#2 Under the Ramadan Moon

#3 My 30 Days of Ramadan: Activity and Coloring Workbook about Islam 

This one is an activity book which keeps the kids busy during the day so you as a caregiver don’t feel overwhelmed while fasting.

#4 Lailah’s Lunchbox

#5  My First Ramadan (My First Holiday)

#6 Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid Al-Fitr

#7 Night of the Moon

#8 Golden Domes and Silver Lanterns

#9 Ramadan Rhymes by Elizabeth Lymer

#10 Owl and Cat: Ramadan is.

#11 Allah to Z: Activity Book

#12 The White Nights of Ramadan

#13 I’m so angry! By Sarah Javed 

This book is not about Ramadan but the concept is so relevant to Ramadan, that I had to add it to my list.

#14 http://amzn.to/2ow8wXT

#15 Colors of Islam by Dawud Wharnsby. 

This book just needs to be read to our kids! Ramadan or no Ramadan.

You need this beautifully illustrated book that comes with the nasheed CD of Dawud Wharnsby!

#16 The Shapes of Eid, According to Me



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    Great list of assets. It certainly is significant to join a group. It benefits with socialization and provision for both the kid and guardian.

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